Not all games can transfer over the 3DS


The 3DS update on June 6th will allow 3DS owners to transfer their DSiWare content over to the 3DS. However, as we have found out, not all games will make it over. Which games won’t be available to transfer to the 3DS? Which ones will be? Can we play them in an online slot version with no deposit bonuses for new players? We probably should find the answers here.

  • Art Academy First Semester
  • Art Academy Second Semester
  • Asphalt IV
  • Crash-Course Domo
  • Earthworm Jim
  • Flipnote Studio
  • Hard-Hat Domo
  • Let’s Golf
  • Nintendo DSi Browser
  • Oregon Trail
  • Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon
  • Pro-Putt Domo
  • Real Soccer 2009
  • Real Soccer 2010
  • Rock-n-Roll Domo
  • Sudoku Student
  • White-Water Domo

One of the games that won’t make it over is Flipnote Studios. This title is getting a 3D remake on the eShop at some point, so that might mean that many of the titles listed here will have 3D versions. Other than that guess, we really don’t know what makes these game nontransferable