Heroes of Ruin features four-player online co-op and voice chat

So here I am, just flipping through this months issue of Nintendo Power when I spot a very familiar piece of artwork. I actually posted this art today thinking that this was a part of the big reveal of Heroes of Ruin, a game resulting from the collaboration of Square Enix and n-Space. n-Space announced the game through their Facebook page. Shortly after announcing it, n-Space deleted the post but the damage was done. Turns out that Nintendo Power actually had the big reveal all along, on page 13 to be specific. And it gets better – Nintendo Power published details that weren’t given on the Facebook page.

The quick description of the game in Nintendo Power actually gives us a lot of interesting information about the game. As suggested by the concept art, Heroes of Ruin is a four-player game. The four characters in Heroes of Ruin are mercenaries. Depending on the character you choose, you will be able to customize his or her weapon, armor, and class abilities. These will be earned by completing parts of the main game.

You may be thinking that this all sounds dandy, but it’s almost impossible to get four friends together at the same time, in the same place that all have 3DS systems. Don’t worry, you won’t have to round up three friends to play this game cooperatively. n-Space is boasting one of the most impressive online offerings for the 3DS to date by offering drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay and voice chat through the 3DS’s built in microphone. I can’t think of another game that offers voice chat on the 3DS, so this is very exciting for that platform. Heroes of Ruin’s online functionality doesn’t stop there, however. The 3DS’s SpotPass feature will be used to offer players DLC. Nintendo Power specifically lists daily challenges as an example of the type of content you can expect.

The game is sounding like quite an ambitious handheld game, and I’m hoping n-Space hits it out of the park at E3 (where this game will presumably be shown). Nintendo Power teases us by saying they will have more information in the next issue but something tells me we will be hearing about this game very soon.

n-Space removes Heroes of Ruin post from their Facebook page

I went back to n-Space’s Facebook page after seeing the art they posted on their upcoming game Heroes of Ruin, hoping to find more information, but I was a bit surprised at what I found. I think n-Space got a little too excited over their next game and revealed it earlier than Square Enix would have liked because the post has been removed. Now when you got to n-Space’s Facebook page you are greeted to a status update they did right before the reveal.

I hope Square Enix isn’t too peeved!

n-Space teases Hereos of Ruin for 3DS

I wouldn’t expect a collaboration between n-Space and Square Enix, but that’s exactly what’s happening with the new 3DS game Heroes of Ruin. n-Space teased the game today through their Facebook page. The company posted “Square Enix + 3DS” with the image you see above (which you can see a full version of after the break).

Besides the somewhat generic name, image, and developers involved, we didn’t get anymore information. Coming from both n-Space and Square Enix I expect a certain level of quality, so I’m excited to see more about the game. It seems like I’m required to say “we’ll see more at E3″ for just about every story now, but it’s true. A lot of companies tease games now and then show us everything at E3.

For now we can speculate a bit. I’m going to guess the four characters in the teaser image are the “heroes” of the game, although they look sort of evil to me. Going on that bit of speculation, I’m going to guess that you can choose from one of the four characters to fight with, each with their own abilities and skills. Weapons seemed varied from swords to machine guns. All I know is I would not like to be pit against the dude in the back. He’s pretty intimidating.

This announcement marks the first of three 3DS games n-Space is developing. Expect to find out the other two very soon.