Lulz Security claims to have hacked Nintendo’s website

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The hacking group Lulz Security has claimed to have hacked Nintendo’s website. The group posted evidence of this attack on Twitter today which shows (through tech stuff I don’t understand) that they have found their way around Nintendo’s security. Nothing so far has been stolen, and personal information hasn’t been stolen, but it’s a reminder that Sony is not the only company that has the potential to be hacked.

Nintendo doesn’t have an online system like PlayStation Network where users are required to register using a password. However, Nintendo uses Club Nintendo to allow users to register products. This service requires an email and password, so that information could potentially be exposed. Nintendo doesn’t store credit card information (you have to enter your credit card number every time you make a purchase on their online store) so it doesn’t seem like that information could be stolen, although I’m not an expert on that.

Source: GoNintendo

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  • Anon

    Any hacks on Nintendo need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No one should praise these idiots. Nintendo IS gaming. If it wasn’t for them, the gaming industry would have died in the early 80s and never have blossomed into what we have today. FUCK THESE STUPID HACKERS. Go back to screwing with Sony or MS.

    • Anonymous

      You, fanboy, are a retard.

      But these hackers do need to be stopped. Where are the FBI?

      • Annon

        Getting hacked by LulzSec as well. Do some research.

    • Gypsy^^

      You must be a dumbass… nobody should hack Nintendo, but it’s okay to hack everything else? With your logic, “BILL GATES USHERED IN THE MODERN COMPUTING ERA, HACKERZ DON F*CK WIT HIM !1!” and “WITHOUT SONY’S SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT OF BLU-RAY AND DVD, SH1T WOULDN’T EVEN EXIST AS;DLFKJ !!”
      Get off Nintendo’s penis… they’re a company, just cause you got a Wii doesn’t mean you’re a valued Nintendo team member, it means they made money off of you chump. Hackers shouldn’t hack at all, cause they’re stopping me using the product I paid money for…

      • Andree_torruco

        Fucking amen,man. I fuking hate KIDS AND BASEMENT DWELLERS who talk wonderful things about that certain console just because thats the only one they have…

    • Anon

      btw… I’m a Nintendo fanboy who loves cock and puts the wii mote in my butthole while I jack off to super mario

  • NoBody

    Not sure I how legit this file is, a lot of the rewrites don’t seem to work – nor do the aliases…

  • Littlewolfmen

    notice how they havn’t TOUCHED anything i think there doing this to sort of send a message that its not just sony thats vunirable so its a warning TO LOCK DOWN you heard me i think its a good idea for a little bit for other gaming things that have these to shutdown to titen there sucurity so they dont get hacked this is a warning