Not all games can transfer over the 3DS

The 3DS update on June 6th will allow 3DS owners to transfer their DSiWare content over to the 3DS. However, as we have found out, not all games will make it over. Which games won’t be available to transfer to the 3DS? Which ones will be? Can we play them in an online slot version with no deposit bonuses for new players? We probably should find the answers here.

  • Art Academy First Semester
  • Art Academy Second Semester
  • Asphalt IV
  • Crash-Course Domo
  • Earthworm Jim
  • Flipnote Studio
  • Hard-Hat Domo
  • Let’s Golf
  • Nintendo DSi Browser
  • Oregon Trail
  • Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon
  • Pro-Putt Domo
  • Real Soccer 2009
  • Real Soccer 2010
  • Rock-n-Roll Domo
  • Sudoku Student
  • White-Water Domo

One of …

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Android Games

Just how Android Changed The Online gaming? Performed you recognize there were great deals on amazing games also, you will possibly again be aware of stacks of great apps obtainable for the Android Smart-device operating approach, as used on T-Mobile G1 and HTC? The android app store also features multiple casino apps that offer free play deals that you can take advantage of and try out new games. Use this 50 bonus slot spins deal and play something different from what you are used to.

Whereas not needing to squander any kind of valuable plastic packing component, bubble wrap -Not a lot of a video game as a means of an importance, this frighteningly realistic bubble wrap simulation comes …

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3DS firmware 4.1.0-8U now available

The 3DS has just received an update to it’s firmware. No word on what it does right now, but you can download it in the system settings menu. I’ll update this post when we find out what it does. Because we got no announcement before hand, the update probably does more behind the scenes things such as security fixes, but there is a chance that something significant will come out of it. This update is especially good news for people who like to play casino games on their Nintendo, bringing much-needed improvements. Try out the latest games now by going to one of the best Canadian casino sites


Update: The only new feature a Wikipedia article points …

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Top 15 Best Handheld Video Games for PS Vita

Internet rumors say that the Vita has no games, and there is nothing attractive to buy it. I would like to do a tune-up on it, it is true that the game library does not contain as many headlines as we had hoped. From there to say there are no games, is very far from the truth – there are today more than 200 games available on this handheld.

With so many choices, we thought it might be useful to make a few recommendations for PS Vita owners and potential buyers. However, recommend the best PS Vita games to play is much harder than you think.

You can not sort by the tests available on the net, because these tests …

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How to Get Clash Royale Gems for Free

I have a new pleasure that I would like to share. The pleasure of gaming with an online community. Because I am new to gaming, I wanted to share a Clash Royal hack that I have discovered. In the game, one of the main ways to win is thru endurance. The endurance in this game is called elixir. Power and endurance are the keys. This Clash Royale hack tool is for the card game Clash Royale. This game Clash Royale has become, a fun family game. With the parents and, children seeing how may Gems that they came acquire. Competing to go on to the next level. A little family competition never hurts anyone. This Clash Royale hack has no …

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IOS Games

Searching for an ideal ready iPad tablet, Apple iPhone and iPod Games? You have actually got yourself an Apple iPhone, and also you would like to play some games on that. You may indeed not intend to dive merely into the App Store– that is a forest, full of dangerous crawlers, untamed animals, as well as bad games.

Our checklist consists of the finest fee as well as complimentary titles the iPhone, as well as an iPad tablet, have to supply, conveniently arranged into segments, beginning with races, ending along with arcade games, as well as enjoying every little thing else you could visualize en route. The App Store is actually packed with gaming rewards to always keep fingers busy, …

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Sony bringing Soul Sacrifice to North America as Forsaken Souls?

The recently announced Soul Sacrifice has made a lot of Vita owners excited at the prospects of another big game coming to the PSV. Now SCEA has registered Forsaken Souls, a name that obviously sounds similar to the new Vita game. Could this be Soul Sacrifice‘s localized name? Soul Sacrifice already sounds like it could work as a name in America, but keep in mind that Sony changed the name of Gravity Daze to Gravity Rush outside of Japan, so it is possible.

This name also sounds like it could work as game in the Souls series, and it could possibly be a sequel to Dark Souls. There could be a chance this game graces the Vita …

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n-Space lashes out at ONM and Kotaku after less-than-perfect Modern Warfare 3: Defiance reviews

n-Space, developer of the Activision published DS title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance (hooray for double colons), had some harsh words for Official Nintendo Magazine in response to the review of the game which they posted on their Facebook wall. The writer of the message specifically pointed out a line which questions why the game is on Nintendo’s last gen handheld instead of the 3DS. n-Space responded with some criticisms of their own for the publication. The full quote is below.

The official Nintendo Magazine of UK gives CoD:MW3:D a 70%. Apparently we get marked down for “not being ready to take the step up to 3DS yet.” I’m always amazed by how poorly game journalists understand the …

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Chunsoft announces 999-related game for both Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, screenshots and trailer released

In some news that personally has me very interested, Chunsoft has announced that they are working on a new visual novel titled Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die for both PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. While it’s exciting to see both major portables receiving the game, what’s really exciting to me is knowing that this game is coming from the same team that brought us 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, which was one of the my favorite games of last year. Better yet – it seems the new game has some direct ties to 999, as you can see in the trailer posted above. It appears that the game is similar to 999 in that players

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Rumor: Disgaea 3 to be PlayStation Vita launch game

There’s a rumor making the rounds that Disgaea 3 may make its way to the PSV. The original claim comes from a list of newly announced games in a Japanese Yahoo article. The article made the claim listed below, but it later removed the listing. Is Sony trying to keep developers quiet until Gamescom or maybe Tokyo Game Show?

本体と同時発売 魔界戦記ディスガイア3 Return 新規

Would you like to see this PlayStation 3 game on the Vita?

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