Chunsoft announces 999-related game for both Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, screenshots and trailer released

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In some news that personally has me very interested, Chunsoft has announced that they are working on a new visual novel titled Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die for both PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. While it’s exciting to see both major portables receiving the game, what’s really exciting to me is knowing that this game is coming from the same team that brought us 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, which was one of the my favorite games of last year. Better yet – it seems the new game has some direct ties to 999, as you can see in the trailer posted above. It appears that the game is similar to 999 in that players will have to play a “game of betrayal”. Those that have played through 999 will surely recognize the watches in the trailer, and can relate it to this information. Additionally, it seems the game will work much like the first game in that the game is a traditional visual novel except for moments of “escape” where  you can explore and do puzzles. If you want to see some screenshots, click “Continue Reading”.

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