n-Space lashes out at ONM and Kotaku after less-than-perfect Modern Warfare 3: Defiance reviews

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n-Space, developer of the Activision published DS title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance (hooray for double colons), had some harsh words for Official Nintendo Magazine in response to the review of the game which they posted on their Facebook wall. The writer of the message specifically pointed out a line which questions why the game is on Nintendo’s last gen handheld instead of the 3DS. n-Space responded with some criticisms of their own for the publication. The full quote is below.

The official Nintendo Magazine of UK gives CoD:MW3:D a 70%. Apparently we get marked down for “not being ready to take the step up to 3DS yet.” I’m always amazed by how poorly game journalists understand the industry they work in.

Official Nintendo Magazine is not the only one called out, though. n-Space later posted a more caustic response for Kotaku, telling the website to “suck it.” This was probably in response to the “gut check” Kotaku did on the game in which Mike Fahey told readers not to buy the game after watching YouTube videos of it. Journalist Evan Narcisse also implied that the game should be on the 3DS as well.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance is published by Activision and developed by n-Space. Presumably it would be Activision making the platform choices for games, not n-Space, which may be the cause of some of the hostility.

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