Nintendo Power reveals Mutant Mudds for the Nintendo eShop (first scans)

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It seems like it’s been all bad news for the Nintendo eShop lately. First Nintendo’s May update got a delay to June, and then Capcom announced that Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version, previously announced as a launch game for the service, was also receiving a delay. Today I’m happy to report some good news for the eShop from the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

Renegade Kid, comprised of the people that brought you Dementium (I and II) and Moon for the DS, have announced a sort-of-new game for the Nintendo eShop called Mutant Mudds. Don’t get me wrong – the game is comprised completely of original content – but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the game. A couple of months ago the developer announced the game under the name Rise of the Mutant Mudds. It was a 3D platformer set for release on DSiWare. If you want to see what that looked liked there is some video footage here. I’ll be honest; I didn’t really like what I saw in that video. However, Renegade Kid has transformed what looked to me like a generic 3D platformer into something much more interesting.

Mutant Mudds is now a 2D side-scrolling platformer that will release on the 3DS’s eShop. After being rejected by publishers for the DSiWare version of the game, Renegade Kid has decided they will publish the game themselves, a first for the developer. Jools Watsham, the co-founder of Renegade Kid, commented that the new project was born out of experimentation. He was toying around with a pixel version of Max when he discovered that a 2D version of the game could work. Once the team found out about the 3DS, they redesigned the game for Nintendo’s new handheld.

The game still features the same plot: Max must use his water cannon and water-powered jet pack to defeat horrible monsters that come from the ground. However, with the 2D gameplay, some new mechanics have been introduced. For instance, don’t think for a second that just because this is a 2D game it won’t take advantage of the 3DS’s stereoscopic 3D. In Mutant Mudds you can traverse both the foreground and background, taking advantage of the 3D effect while doing so. This new mechanic should lend itself to some challenging gameplay.

Players will be able to explore a variety of environments. Watsham explains that levels in the game include “a dark, wintery land; a fiery temple; a space cosmos; and a fluffy cloudville.” In all these levels, the main objective is to collect “Water Sprites” which are your secret weapon against the Mutant Mudds. These Water Sprites will be your key to progressing the game, as collecting them unlocks new levels. The game will also feature secrets and power-ups for those super gamers who wish to explore every possible pixel of a game.

Watsham also states that the team is designing the game to be made for on-the-go gamers. If you just want to play for a few minutes – that’s fine. Mutant Mudds is not a game that requires large chunks of play. Even if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare you can boot up the game and make your way through as much as your time allows. Now that’s something I like to hear out of a handheld game!

Renegade Kid is planning to provide downloadable content through Nintendo’s SpotPass service as well, which is another thing I like to hear.

Expect Mutant Mudds to hit the eShop in late 2011.

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