Mega Man Legends 3 may or may not be cancelled. Everyone freak out.

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UPDATE: It seems that I didn’t explain what this was about very well and some people think I just made this up for some reason, so let’s get this straight. Yes, the Mega Man Legends 3 website is still alive and kicking. You can visit that website here. That’s certainly encouraging, but it still bothers me that Capcom removed the listing of this game (not the website) from their “games” section on the Capcom website (here). This was the original subject of this article, and it has nothing to do with the actual website for the game. I just wanted to make that clear, and that you should, in fact, not freak out immediately. I am, however, perturbed with how Capcom seems to be treating this game and considering some of the recent actions of the company, I am honestly more than a little worried for the fate of this game. Stay tune for Capcom’s official response on the matter if they supply us with one.

Are you looking forward to Mega Man Legends 3? Well, I have some potentially bad news for you. It’s no secret that Mega Man Legends 3 has had a rough development. Shortly after Capcom announced the game, employees were hinting that the game might not actually come out. Then, Capcom announced that the game would have a “Prototype Version” avaliable at the launch of the eShop – except that never happened and Capcom said it got delayed. Today, Capcom has done something to make me even more nervous.

If you go to Capcom of Japan’s website (here), you will notice that Mega Man Legends 3 is nowhere to be seen. Not that weird, right? But wait! It seems that Capcom just recently updated the site and took down any mention of the game from that page. To make matters even worse, this is exactly what happened to Mega Man Universe and that project never saw the light of day.

Does this mean that Mega Man Legends 3 is cancelled? Let’s not jump to conclusions, but it certainly doesn’t fill me with optimism. Let’s wait to see if Capcom comments on the situation before freaking out. If it is indeed cancelled, Capcom better be ready to feel the wrath of an extremely angry fanbase that has been waiting on a new game for about a decade.

Source: Protodude’s Rockman Corner

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  • Cheeseknight28

    Explain this:

    Take this article down please, before you have everyone else freaking out. Honestly.

  • Nash

    Yes the site is still up, and I will make a note of that in the article, but that’s not what it was originally about. On Capcom’s website under “games”, Mega Man Legends 3 isn’t listed and it was listed there recently.