Tekken 3DS interview and footage (60 FPS in 3D)

3DS News

Tekken 3DS was one of the new 3DS games announced at E3. Gamespot got an interview with Harada-San of Tekken fame, and they discussed the new Tekken coming to Nintendo’s handheld.

During the interview, Harada-San said that the Tekken 3DS demo being shown at E3 was just a tech demo, but it should be used as a general idea of what the game will look like. As far as the character roster goes, Haradan-San has stated that all the usual characters will make it to the 3DS version, but he “also has a few surprises planned”, and that doesn’t just go for the character roster.

We got some even more exciting news through a written preview GameSpot did. It turns out that Tekken 3DSwill be running at an incredible 60 FPS, even with 3D enabled. That is not a feat accomplished by any existing fighting game on the 3DS. In addition, the demo included five characters: Asuka, Bryan, Heihachi, Kazuya, and Lili. Gamespot states that the 3D is very impressive. The demo wasn’t playable, but the camera was movable.

The release date hasn’t been announced, but Harada-San hopes to have it out “as quickly as possible”.

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