Nintendo delays the 3DS “May update” to June 6th


Remember a while ago when Nintendo announced that certain features that should be avaliable at the launch of a system weren’t going to be ready until May? Well, that special date has now become June 6th. If you can’t tell I’m a little disappointed. Obviously, the date is set to coincide with the E3 conference, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got to see 3DS trailers in 3D. That would be pretty cool, and it would be even better if we got the demos they were playing at E3, straight on our 3DS.

Nintendo didn’t announce what would be launching with the eShop. However, they did note that the internet browser would be included in the update which seemingly disproves those rumors that many sites picked up. It should be noted that June 6th is a Monday so it seems like Nintendo will keep updating their download services on Mondays.

It’s disappointing but at least Nintendo finally talked about the update, right?

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