n-Space teases Hereos of Ruin for 3DS


I wouldn’t expect a collaboration between n-Space and Square Enix, but that’s exactly what’s happening with the new 3DS game Heroes of Ruin. n-Space teased the game today through their Facebook page. The company posted “Square Enix + 3DS” with the image you see above (which you can see a full version of after the break).

Besides the somewhat generic name, image, and developers involved, we didn’t get anymore information. Coming from both n-Space and Square Enix I expect a certain level of quality, so I’m excited to see more about the game. It seems like I’m required to say “we’ll see more at E3″ for just about every story now, but it’s true. A lot of companies tease games now and then show us everything at E3.

For now we can speculate a bit. I’m going to guess the four characters in the teaser image are the “heroes” of the game, although they look sort of evil to me. Going on that bit of speculation, I’m going to guess that you can choose from one of the four characters to fight with, each with their own abilities and skills. Weapons seemed varied from swords to machine guns. All I know is I would not like to be pit against the dude in the back. He’s pretty intimidating.

This announcement marks the first of three 3DS games n-Space is developing. Expect to find out the other two very soon.

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