Nintendo Power thinks Cubic Ninja is a bit of a dud

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Nintendo Power gave Cubic Ninja a 4.0 in this month’s issue. Now you, the reader, might be saying, “But that game looked good! I don’t understand how that game could have gotten a 4.0.” Luckily, I have this issue of Nintendo Power so I will tell you why the reviewer felt the game deserved such a score.

The review is short but there are enough damning statements to convince me to stay away from the game. Here’s what the reviewer had to say.

  • The motion controls are horrible, leading to extreme movements to control the character.
  • The 3D effect is automatically disabled when playing with motion controls.
  • The circle pad can be used to control the player, enabling 3D, but that highlights the mediocre and uninspired level design.
  • “Mercifully short”
  • 100 levels, each taking a minute on average.


Yikes. “Mercifully short” is not the way you want a game’s length to be described. Let’s just hope this review is a fluke and the game is somehow decent, but I’m not optimistic. It’s a shame because the game looked like it might be something special. The game is set to be released on June 14th, so expect more reviews after E3.

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